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a blog and gallery on model daria werbowy

Happy Birthday Daria!

By thedariafiles · November 19, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

The big 2-8! We're in the clear and out of that predicament that was the "27th year" for Daria and supposedly the end of her modeling career. But seeing as how shes still posing, in between her sailing trips of course, for the camera I think its safe to say that that goal was unaccomplished. And thats good for us - because then this site wouldn't be as fun!

Anyways happy birthday Daria, all the best from me and your fans xx

Check the site out for updates to editorials and covers!

Outtake Special : Six Years Fresh

By thedariafiles · October 22, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Another blast from the not so distant past with an outtake of Daria photographed by Bruce Weber. This is from the V by Visionaire #36 Fall 2005 editorial "V Love Daria". Its crazy to think that this picture is from six years ago ... and that Daria has been modeling for close to 13 years now!

If you take a look at the editorial page its crazy to see how many different publications shes been in, how many photographers, stylists and art directors shes worked with and how many different personas shes taken on just for the sake of a picture. I'd have to say I love Daria the most when shes playing herself, which is why this picture below is one of her best. Bruce Weber has a great way of capturing his subjects at their natural best.

source: bruceweber.com via cadg at tFS

From The Archives | Outtake Special : David Ferrua

By thedariafiles · October 6, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I've posted a bunch of outtakes recently and I have another one today for you readers! This is an outtake from Daria's photoshoot with David Ferrua which I believe was for the February 2007 issue of Fashion magazine ("Daria Reigning Darling" under the Editorials page!). Its a really pretty picture but hasn't Daria changed over the years! This is so different from her tanned skin and golden hair she's sporting today. What do you like best?

Outtake Special : All Thats Lace

By thedariafiles · October 3, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I did a little google search on David Dunan's work after his editorial with Daria was released and I came across this beautiful unseen image! Its an outtake from the Extra editorial "Daria Werbowy, En La Cima" and such a beautiful photo! Its a shame that it wasn't published with the other shots but I can see why - it strays a bit far from the editorial theme. Nevertheless I hope Mr. Dunan releases more shots like this in the future! Enjoy!

Update* One more picture from the site!

source: David Dunan Facebook page

Daria Werbowy, En La Cima

By thedariafiles · October 3, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

We've all been complaining that Daria hasn't had any new work in the past months but it turns out she has - we just haven't been that good enough of fans!Daria was on the cover of Extra a fashion supplement to Spanish news magazine El Pais Seminal. The cover and accompanying editorial inside are a beautifully photographed feature of Daria. We usually never get to see her so dressed up and these pictures are so classic and gorgeous, albeit a bit over-retouched.

David Dunan is the photographer and if I'm correct this is the first time he has worked with Daria and hopefully not the last! That first photo of Daria against the mirror is beautiful!

This magazine will probably be hard, next to impossible to get a hold of in Canada so if there are any Spanish readers that follow the blog scans would be greatly appreciated!

"Daria Werbowy, En La Cima" (09/30/2011)
Extra, El Pais Seminal
Ph. David Dunan


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Catch Up Post

By thedariafiles · October 3, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Time to play a little catch up - Daria's been up to a lot in the past few weeks (surprisingly!) and I've summed up all of her work in this neat little post ...

First, Daria's latest cover - it's been a while considering her last one was a reprint in August - the October issue of Russian Vogue. The accompanying editorial was photographed by Terry Richardson and is very similar in concept to Daria's last work in the magazine (and all of Terry's work to be honest ... ) but anything lace and diamonds is my weak point so I'm liking this. (source)

Vogue Russia October 2011 + Editorial (Terry Richardson) 

"This Is My Fetish" by Terry Richardson

And two outtakes from the editorial (more is more in this case!) (source)

Stefanel Cashmere Winter 2011 (Mario Testino) (source)
Daria was a filler for the Stefanel campaigns a while back while Gisele was gone from the scene but it seems like they've really taken a liking to Daria - she's back for her fifth campaign! This time its for a diffusion line, Stefanel Cashmere, so this might be the only photo released.

Maiyet Spring 2012 (Cass Bird) (source)
It seems like Cass Bird is the new Inez and Vinoodh ... the collaborations between Daria and this great photographer keep rolling out and fortunately they just keep getting better. Cass Bird photographed Daria in Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, New York. The campaign is an absolute dream ... this is saying a lot but it might be my favourite work of Daria's in years! 

And if you'd like to see Daria in action here is a behind the scenes look of the making of the Maiyet campaign (source)

If you're not sick of Cass Bird just yet, and really how could you be, then check out these great candids from Cass Bird's tumblr. (source)

And one more candid from a lucky fan who got to meet Daria on the streets of NY! (source)

Phew! All done! But ... there's more to come :)

Cass Bird Outtakes

By thedariafiles · September 2, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

*Unfortunately the images had to be removed due to copyright claims but you can still see images of Daria by Cass Bird on the Editorials page!

I also wanted to use this post to let you all know that there have been a lot of changes to this site! I've been working really hard on The Daria Files the past few weeks, uploading tons of images and the Editorials page is now almost complete! Years 1999 - 2005 as well as 2010 and 2011 are done! I'll work on uploading the rest of the images but for now some of the changes can already be seen. This way you can come to this site and find everything Daria has worked on in the past. After all, The Daria Files is a site for fans reference!

Making Waves

By thedariafiles · August 30, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I've got another neat photo of Daria and by this I think you all know the photographer! I've been in contact with Gregory White a friend of Daria's who took those amazing pictures we saw at the beginning of this summer ("A Very Good Bye") and he has given me the ok to publish this one last photo of Daris on the site! Its great to see Daria doing what she loves to do best and great to see it captured by such a rad photographer!

If you have the time head over to Gregory's flickr page. He's a great artist from the GTA and it would be great to get him some exposure! Anyways, enjoy this image!

Vogue US September 2011 Preview

By thedariafiles · August 21, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Just when I thought Daria would have nothing to do with the September issues this year this small photo proved me wrong. Her editorial work has been really lacking as of late (mostly reprints or work for international Elles) so I was ecstatic to see something, anything to do with Vogue. The photo below is from her photoshoot with Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot for "Bodies of Work" (Vogue April 2011).

Judging solely on this shoddy snapshot this image is rather beautiful, but I'll elaborate more when we get better scans. I'm glad they chose to publish more photos from the Bodies of Work series. It would've been a shame for us to only see one!

source: snapped by feshph at thefashionspot.com

Before & After : Vogue Russia Preview

By thedariafiles · August 21, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Finally we get to see what those candids of Daria and Terry were from - and I was right! Vogue Russia released a preview of their October issue in their current September one and we get to see a photo of Daria by Terry RIchardson.

Daria in the studio with Terry (left) and the finished product in Vogue Russia October 2011

I've added the candid shot above with the finished product just to see the comparison. Its quite funny to see what Daria looks like as a person and as a model - obviously two very different roles. I'm also really excited about this editorial. I think we've all had our share of beach photoshoots in the past couple of months so its great to see Daria playing something other than, well, the beach bum we know she is!

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