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a blog and gallery on model daria werbowy

Vogue Paris February 2012: Cover and Editorial

By thedariafiles · January 13, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Daria and Inez and Vinoodh are at it again! This time for the February 2012 issue of Vogue Paris. I've mentioned in the past year that its a shame Daria's presence in Vogue Paris has been lacking, especially with the appointance of Emmanuelle Alt (a Daria champion) as editor-in-chief. Our wishes were answered with the rumor that Daria would front the February 2012 issue, and now less than a month later we get to see the finished product!

Daria was photographed by Inez and Vinoodh in a very cabaret-esque, Elvis hairdo, Old Hollywood, camp inspired look ... a lot of adjectives but somehow it comes together! The title reads a 66-page editorial shot in Las Vegas and if the cover is any indication of what is to come then expect a lot of classic "Inez and Vinoodh in the big city".

I'll withold my judgement until I see the full thing but for now the cover and this preview image should hold us off until we see the other 64 pages! From the little blurb in French (translation below the image) the editorial seems to focus on Daria as the "real Daria" - the one who journeys the amazon with shamans, sails and who has just bought a house in Ireland (lucky her!). I can't wait to see if this editorial features a little interview with Daria. It's always interesting to hear what she's up to.

"Daria Body & Soul: 5 covers, 20 editorials, 70 pages this month. 8 years of crazy love between Vogue Paris and Daria Werbowy ... this time it is far from the runways, the glitter, and the world of fashion that the muse - a little wild - of Lancôme finds her balance. Instead she finds herself journeying with the shamans, in the middle of the ocean, or cut off from the world in her new home in Ireland. A beautiful soul in a pure state."

P.S. For Daria fans out there, this is Daria's sixth Vogue Paris cover! In my opinion she definitely deserves more ;)

source: Vogue Paris facebook.com page via tentalicious at tFS and vogue.fr

Before & After : Vogue Russia Preview

By thedariafiles · August 21, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Finally we get to see what those candids of Daria and Terry were from - and I was right! Vogue Russia released a preview of their October issue in their current September one and we get to see a photo of Daria by Terry RIchardson.

Daria in the studio with Terry (left) and the finished product in Vogue Russia October 2011

I've added the candid shot above with the finished product just to see the comparison. Its quite funny to see what Daria looks like as a person and as a model - obviously two very different roles. I'm also really excited about this editorial. I think we've all had our share of beach photoshoots in the past couple of months so its great to see Daria playing something other than, well, the beach bum we know she is!

Campaign News

By thedariafiles · June 19, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

This is the time that I'm really excited for - when its still summer but the magazines are already turning out fall inspired editorial and most excitingly new fall campaigns! Not counting her Fall 2011 Oroton campaign (released in Australia a while back) Daria has already landed her first campaign for the season, returning as the familiar face of Stefanel. Here is another shot along with the one posted before. I really love that they decided to take the direction to Berlin, one of my favourite cities.

Stefanel Fall Winter 2011 Daria Werbowy

Also some more exciting news - Daria has landed the Fall Winter 2011 campaign for Salvatore Ferragamo. This after just appearing in the Spring Summer campaign photographed by Mikael Jansson. There haven't been any pictures released of Daria yet but the Fashion Spot forums are buzzing with news that she and male model Clement Chabernaud have reprised their roles as campaign faces, so fingers crossed!

image: congacon at tFS

How To Look Good Naked ... A Preview

By thedariafiles · May 28, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

A preview video of the newest issue of Industrie Magazine was posted and we finally have our first, albeit grainy, shots of Daria's editorial. The photographer is Patrick Demarchelier, master of the black and white beach shoot, and Daria is photographed along with Lara (although dissapointingly they have no shots together).

How To Look Good Naked
Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone by Patrick Demarchelier

Lindbergh really knows how to take beautiful black and white portraits. Some of these shots are quite reminiscent of Daria's In Love editorial. I'm really excited to see this in a better quality when I am sure there will be even more of a story to read into.

Click to see more previews and a video ...

Industrie Magazine Preview

By thedariafiles · May 5, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I think by this time we can all agree Daria looks good naked. But now the fashion flock has decided to devote an entire editorial to this concept. Daria's cover for the newly launched Industrie magazine was a mock preview but she does have an editorial inside with Lara Stone photographed by Patrick Demarchelier.

For now there is only the one image above and I'll hold my thoughts until I see the entire thing. Daria does look beautiful but we've seen a lot of nudity lately ... to the point where I'm starting to even lose an opinion on the work. Hopefully with Lara and Demarchelier in the mix, this editorial will live up to my expectations.

Daria =/= Prada

By thedariafiles · May 5, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Don't be fooled by the latest rumors ... although it would be great to see Daria in another Prada campaign you will have to wait a little longer. News broke today that Angela (Lindvall), Miranda (Kerr), Valerija Kelava and Daria would star in the Fall/Winter 2010 Prada campaign. But it is Daria Strokous, not Werbowy, who will take the fourth spot. It only makes sense after Daria (Strokous ... this could get confusing) landed the May 2010 cover of Vogue Italia.

So although Werbowy fans are avid for another Meisel collaboration we'll have to wait some more. But to gloss over this dissapointing news, here is a look back at Daria's two Prada campaigns.

Prada Fall Winter 2003

Prada Spring Summer 2004

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Campaign News

By thedariafiles · April 28, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

There has been a slew of editorials as of late but no real campaign news ... up until now. Ater nine campaigns for the Spring/Summer 2010 season, maybe Daria can make it ten for fall? So far we have one confirmed.

Daria is shooting the Fall Winter 2010 Yves Saint Laurent campaign! The last time Daria worked for YSL was in Fall 2005 with Juergen Teller. The collaboration produced amazing results - hopefully this new one will be just as great.

Bits and Bytes

By thedariafiles · April 19, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Daria's editorial in Harper's Bazaar Espana May 2010 has been snapped. Hopefully we'll have scans in a few days but I couldn't help posting these preview pictures. "En pie de guerra" is photographed by Nico in a simple studio setting, far different from the glamorous cover we saw a few days ago. You can see the rest of the previews here.

More of the Summer 2010 H&M ads have been scanned. If you can remember the set of candids from a few months back of the models taking a break from shooting the images - it was my most popular post on this blog! Hopefully there will be a video somewhere out of this. H&M always makes beautiful commericials and with a plethora of models like Daria, Lara and Erin I don't know how they would be able to resist!

If you remember the Fard Fatal post a few days ago you'll also know there is a behind the scenes DVD that comes with the May issue of Vogue Paris (though I'm quite sure this only comes with the magazine in France). A few odd minutes here and there have been uploaded to youtube but the full fifteen minutes is yet to be on the web. I love anything that shows the process behind these images so I'm anxiously waiting for the full bit!


By thedariafiles · April 16, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I've been waiting for a chance to post little bits of news and it keeps building up. So here is one big post that can keep you satisfied for the weekend - two editorials, three covers and a new beauty ad. Not bad for one week Daria ...

In keeping up this blog of Daria, I've started to notice a few things. One: magazines really love to use Daria on their inaugural issues (see The Last Magazine). And two: creativity can always be sacrificed (in the form of a reprint) when the question of Daria or no Daria arises.

This time around Daria is on the inaugural cover of Industrie Magazine (below right) and the beauty supplement of May's Vogue Espana, as well as the third issue of Harper's Bazaar Espana (to the left). Vogue Belleza (below left) is a reprint from Daria's January 2004 editorial in Vogue US (Pretty Woman). Why the editorials would use a six-year old picture is beyond me ... but it does make for a pretty cover. Industrie magazine is a newly launched edition that will focus mainly on the workers and behind the scenes of the fashion industry. It looks like a reprint from Daria's Vogue Hommes editorial In Love (a two year old editorial ...) but this is a never before seen shot. Hopefully there will be some more unseen photos in the magazine! Lastly is Harper's Bazaar Espana - Daria looks beautiful on the cover, in the red and brown tones. No news of the editorial inside but hopefully this will be scanned soon!

It's been a little quiet on the Lancome front as of late but Daria is back for her fifth year as a spokes model for the French brand. This time for Slimissime 360 ... I won't bore you with the product details. This new ad will be added to the large collection of overly-photo shopped ads on the Lancome page though!

I've saved the best news for last. Daria's influence over at Vogue Paris doesn't seem to be waning - she is in two editorials in May's issue of Vogue Paris one lensed by Mario Testino the other by Ben Hasset.

Fard Fatal (Beauté)
Photographer : Ben Hassett
Fashion Editor : Julia Von Boehm
Model : Daria Werbowy

La Décadanse
Photographer : Mario Testino
Fashion Editor : Carine Roitfeld
Models : Daria Werbowy & Francesco Vezzoli

Daria has worked with Ben Hasset before so I have an idea of how this might turn out ... I'm really excited to hear of La Décadense - Testino, Daria and an Italian painter. Hopefully this combination of artist and muse will be better than his last!

image sources: Harper's Bazaar Espana Facebook page, Vogue Mexico Belleza scanned by burbuja at tFS, Lancome.fr via Megan

Daria Americana

By thedariafiles · April 12, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I love the fact that for their annual Great American Women issue Vogue US chooses to feature Daria in not one but two editorials. The top Canadian model dominating an Americana issue ... I'm fine with that. Daria appears in both Americans in Paris, and American Experience, the latter of which is shaping out to look really good. I get such a Terry Richardson/Vogue Paris/Jane  Birkin vibe from these. Vogue Paris + Richardson's street work = a really good combination so this is something to look forward to.

Americans in Paris (6 pages)
Model: Daria
Photographer: Mario Testino

American Experience (12 pages)
Models: Daria, Frida Gustavsson, Karlie Kloss, Sasha Pivovarova, Lara Stone, Raquel Zimmermann, Liya Kebede, Patricia Van Der Vilet, Kasia Struss and Mirte Maas.
Photographer: David Sims

This studio editorial is decidedly more different than the one above but I'm liking this nonetheless. The makeup looks really similar to Daria's editorial in Vogue Paris, Tsarine Daria, this month. Just hold out a few days and hopefully everything will be scanned!

source: thefashionview.blogspot.com

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