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H&M New Year

By thedariafiles · December 27, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Daria and H&M are back at it again with a new campaign for 2012! If you visit the H&M site Daria's image is the first thing that greets you! It's not clear what campaign this image is from but hopefully Daria fronts the spring 2012 campaign for H&M like she has done in the past! If you want to see more of Daria's work with H&M visit the campaign page - I just uploaded a bunch of her past advertisements with the Swedish brand.

source: hm.com via emilylin at tFS forums

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H&M Ultimate Summer 2010

By thedariafiles · May 7, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

It's an H&M kind of day today ... the full campaign for Summer 2010 has been released and a new H&M video as well as a behind the scenes look .Now iwe have the full campaign for H&M's Ultimate Summer collection. You can see the facebook album for all of the images. Its great to see such a beautiful and colourful campaign right before summer time. All of the models look great

H&M Ultimate Summer Collection | Erin, Julia, Daria, Lara and Sasha

Click to see more pictures and three videos ...

Bits and Bytes

By thedariafiles · April 19, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Daria's editorial in Harper's Bazaar Espana May 2010 has been snapped. Hopefully we'll have scans in a few days but I couldn't help posting these preview pictures. "En pie de guerra" is photographed by Nico in a simple studio setting, far different from the glamorous cover we saw a few days ago. You can see the rest of the previews here.

More of the Summer 2010 H&M ads have been scanned. If you can remember the set of candids from a few months back of the models taking a break from shooting the images - it was my most popular post on this blog! Hopefully there will be a video somewhere out of this. H&M always makes beautiful commericials and with a plethora of models like Daria, Lara and Erin I don't know how they would be able to resist!

If you remember the Fard Fatal post a few days ago you'll also know there is a behind the scenes DVD that comes with the May issue of Vogue Paris (though I'm quite sure this only comes with the magazine in France). A few odd minutes here and there have been uploaded to youtube but the full fifteen minutes is yet to be on the web. I love anything that shows the process behind these images so I'm anxiously waiting for the full bit!

<object height="405" width="500" style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/MLjVdfqFb8c&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0&border=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/MLjVdfqFb8c&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0&border=1" /> <param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /> <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/MLjVdfqFb8c&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0&border=1" /> <param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /> </object><object height="312" width="500" style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/vgCqfmwoiSo&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0&border=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/vgCqfmwoiSo&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0&border=1" /> <param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /> <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/vgCqfmwoiSo&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0&border=1" /> <param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /> </object>

Down Time in Saint-Barth

By thedariafiles · February 3, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

If you are anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere then I warn you to keep reading at your own risk. I gazed out at the snow in my front yard while reading this and a sudden wave of the winter blues came my way. But no worry - there is good news out of these candids! Erin Wasson and Daria Werbowy were in St Barths shooting the latest H&M ad campaign.

Its obvious the amount of extraneous work that had to go into making these photos. Sometimes I feel so poorly for models in these situations ... All jokes aside its great to see that Daria with another campaign, no less than with Julia Stegner, Sasha Pivovarova and Erin Wasson (and is that Lara Stone that I see?).  After all, Daria did shoot seven campaigns in the past few months and anybody would need a little R&R. A rumor was floating around that Daria nabbed H&M but that was later debunked with news that Sasha Pivovarova was shooting for the brand. Its great to see that proved wrong and its also great to see Daria hanging out with Erin and Julia, two model friends - it's like 2005 all over again! I'm always pleased with H&M campaigns but even more so for the campaign videos so this is fairly exciting news.

There are more images at rexfeatures but unfortunately I don't have an account, however there are tagged images in the gallery below. A special thanks to  the heads up from Rrose Sélavy (I hope you see the reference) who runs the outstanding frejabeha.blogspot.com blog on model Freja Beha Erichsen. If you have some time to spare definitely read some of her posts - she has a very sharp wit!

On another note, the editorial in Love magazine is said to be 40 pages, 5 pages dedicated to each model and the magazine should be out on newsstands soon enough!

Campaign News : Balmain / H&M

By thedariafiles · January 17, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

These past two days have had as much news as the past two years! On the heels of her Vogue Paris cover and editorial, and Stefanel, Loewe, DSquared and Isabel Marant Daria has added another blue-chip campaign to her roster for the Spring Summer 2010 season ... Balmain! It seems that all of the rumors I was perpetuating in the past months have come to fruition. The new advertisement is in the February 2010 issue of W magazine - according to trevofashionisto member at tFS (thank you) it was "shot in a studio .. its meant to look like a jungle ... (Daria) is posing against a jeep". Vague details for now, but the styling seems on par with the rugged influences on the Spring Summer 2010 Balmain runway.

And yet, there is more - it seems that Daria will reprise her role as the face of H&M yet again. She has apparently nabbed the Spring Summer 2010 H&M campaign, as well as the jeans campaign. On a side note, all of the DSquared campaign ads have been released and they are in the SS10 gallery here.

So that is seven campaigns in one season, one Vogue Paris cover, a sixty page editorial and a partridge in a pear tree ... and  the February 2010 issue of Vogue US just came out!

H&M Spring 2009

By thedariafiles · April 16, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

A video has been released on the H&M website, about the backstage making of the SS09 campaign with Daria and Matthew Williamson. They're going for a psychedelic colourful view, which I really like. There are five more videos, with two being released at the end of April, and the rest near the beginning of May. I added some images in the gallery, capped by the darialogist (thank you! - sorry I am too sick to make anything!)

H&M Spring 2009

By thedariafiles · April 8, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

More pictures of the new H&M Spring 2009 campaign. Daria is very (to quote a commenter) Karate Kid. I'm starting to really like these sets of pictures, but I think it's mostly due to the locale. Enjoy!

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H&M Spring 2009

By thedariafiles · April 8, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

The second campaign picture has been released and I'm feeling deja vu. It looks similar to Inez & Vinoodh's previous work, an old Vogue Paris editorial and her SS09 Roberto Cavalli ads.
However, they are interesting - I love the colours and anything to do with the beach. I hope they make a video like the last couple of seasons!

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H&M Spring 2009: Backstage with Daria and Matthew in Mexico

By thedariafiles · March 26, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Some more glimpses of the H&M by Matthew Williamson campaign with Daria. Daria and Matthew "traveled all the way to Mexico to shoot what could be a studio shot, but the airtime was done for the sunlight on the Mexican beach." Hmm, given that they made that big of a carbon footprint just to shoot a studio image is a bit questionable. Hopefully they'll have some beach shots to make up for that!

source: grazia.com

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