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a blog and gallery on model daria werbowy

The Daria Files - News & Updates

By thedariafiles · August 19, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

March 18 2013 - Cass x Daria
Looks like Daria and Cass are hanging out again! This time we don't get an editorial from the two but rather a few Instagram pics. Enjoy the candidness below ... and I didn't think Daria could be anymore awesome but then she went and wore red leather pants. Happy Monday everyone!

source: cassblackbird instagram

March 16 2013 - Lancome Colour Design "Star Eyes" Palette
I have another Lancome ad to share with you today! It seems we always get these all at once ... not complaning though! This is another ad for the Lancome Colour Design palettes. There are 12 palettes altogether divided into three groups - "Drama Eyes" (from the March 10 post below), "Doll Eyes" and the one below, "Star Eyes". I've added them all to the Lancome 2013 page for you to check out! 

Daria is also on the Lancome home page, seeing as these palettes officially launch mid-March (aka right now!). If you're interested in all of the actual palettes then you can check out the Lancome site by clicking on the image below.

credit: Thanks child_in_time @ bellazon.com (Harper's Bazaar US April 2013)!

March 12 2013 - Lancome Genifique Eye Light Pearl
It looks like another Lancome ad flew under our radar! I stumbled upon a promotional picture for one of Lancome's serums and was 99.9% sure the eyes in the ad were Daria's ...

I held off posting until I found the video spot to accompany the ad and yep it's her! Daria fronts the campaign, for what I'm assuming is the 2012 year, for the Lancome Genifique Eye Light Pearl. Although this product was released as far back as September in Australia it seems like Lancome is really pushing it forward this year. Hopefully you'll see it in print, and enjoy the few seconds or so of Daria in the commercial! Oh, and she's even on the packaging

Lancome Genifique Eye Light Pearl print advertisements:

Lancome Genifique Eye Light Pearl TV advert:
<iframe width="400" height="225" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/_6u0k8Z-W84?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

March 10 2013 - Lancome Hypnose Drama Eyes
Hey guys! Long time no post! Unfortunately something with my website is preventing me from making new posts so even though I've been trying to update the site in a few weeks I haven't been able to! So I guess a compromise is best - I'll just keep this one post updated (with dates) and place all the Daria news here!

We finally have a new Lancome ad! I was actually flipping through magazines at my bookstore today to see if there were any new images for the spring season. I was out of luck but fortunately single_lady at the bellazon.com forums found this! This is for Lancome's Hypnose Drama Eyes palette and mascara.

source: single_lady @ bellazon.com

August 19 2012 - Vogue Paris September 2012
Its been almost half a year since we've seen Daria on the cover of Vogue Paris (a very long intermission for anyone who keeps track) but editrice Emmanuelle Alt has placed Daria, along with her other favourites Lara Stone and Kate Moss, on the cover of the September issue.

Vogue Paris September 2012

The covers, photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, feature all three models in the same garments and setting and succeed in highlighting all three models' distinct features. For Daria ... I can't get enough of those eyes.

It seems like this trio is a favourite for photographers these days - perhaps a new version of the nineties Trinity of Linda, Christy and Naomi? They've all been photographed by Bruce Weber in that great July 2008 issue of W. But even I'll admit that they have a long way to go before reaching the status of their predeccessors.

Vogue Paris February 2012: Cover and Editorial

By thedariafiles · January 13, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Daria and Inez and Vinoodh are at it again! This time for the February 2012 issue of Vogue Paris. I've mentioned in the past year that its a shame Daria's presence in Vogue Paris has been lacking, especially with the appointance of Emmanuelle Alt (a Daria champion) as editor-in-chief. Our wishes were answered with the rumor that Daria would front the February 2012 issue, and now less than a month later we get to see the finished product!

Daria was photographed by Inez and Vinoodh in a very cabaret-esque, Elvis hairdo, Old Hollywood, camp inspired look ... a lot of adjectives but somehow it comes together! The title reads a 66-page editorial shot in Las Vegas and if the cover is any indication of what is to come then expect a lot of classic "Inez and Vinoodh in the big city".

I'll withold my judgement until I see the full thing but for now the cover and this preview image should hold us off until we see the other 64 pages! From the little blurb in French (translation below the image) the editorial seems to focus on Daria as the "real Daria" - the one who journeys the amazon with shamans, sails and who has just bought a house in Ireland (lucky her!). I can't wait to see if this editorial features a little interview with Daria. It's always interesting to hear what she's up to.

"Daria Body & Soul: 5 covers, 20 editorials, 70 pages this month. 8 years of crazy love between Vogue Paris and Daria Werbowy ... this time it is far from the runways, the glitter, and the world of fashion that the muse - a little wild - of Lancôme finds her balance. Instead she finds herself journeying with the shamans, in the middle of the ocean, or cut off from the world in her new home in Ireland. A beautiful soul in a pure state."

P.S. For Daria fans out there, this is Daria's sixth Vogue Paris cover! In my opinion she definitely deserves more ;)

source: Vogue Paris facebook.com page via tentalicious at tFS and vogue.fr

Early Xmas Treat: Elle Belgium January 2012

By thedariafiles · December 24, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I have an early Christmast present for you readers - it's Daria's first cover of the year! She appears on the January 2012 issue of Elle Belgium in a reprint from Flare Canada September 2009. I really like the red that Elle Belgium used, and it's fitting for this time of year. And I also like the fact that they got rid of the bunny ears. It makes the whole thing much more rock n' roll! Daria's name isn't mentioned on the cover, and this is a reprint so I'm not sure if there's an editorial or feature inside ... if there are any Belgium nationals out there that can get a hold of this magazine let us know!

Merry Christmas :)

source: Elle Belgium facebook via michelabell at tFS forums

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Daria Werbowy, En La Cima

By thedariafiles · October 3, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

We've all been complaining that Daria hasn't had any new work in the past months but it turns out she has - we just haven't been that good enough of fans!Daria was on the cover of Extra a fashion supplement to Spanish news magazine El Pais Seminal. The cover and accompanying editorial inside are a beautifully photographed feature of Daria. We usually never get to see her so dressed up and these pictures are so classic and gorgeous, albeit a bit over-retouched.

David Dunan is the photographer and if I'm correct this is the first time he has worked with Daria and hopefully not the last! That first photo of Daria against the mirror is beautiful!

This magazine will probably be hard, next to impossible to get a hold of in Canada so if there are any Spanish readers that follow the blog scans would be greatly appreciated!

"Daria Werbowy, En La Cima" (09/30/2011)
Extra, El Pais Seminal
Ph. David Dunan


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Elle Girl

By thedariafiles · June 17, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

If Elle has a favourite model then it is definitely Daria - at least for this year! Daria lands another two covers for the July month, both issues of Elle, in Elle Korea and Russia. They are both reprints from her editorial in Elle Spain May 2011 (which you can see under the editorial page).

Elle Korea July 2011Elle Russia July 2011

Elle Korea (left) and Elle Russia (right)

I really like the Elle Korea cover and the fact that this international edition chose something other than the beach shot for the cover. Its always refreshing to see a closeup shot on a cover! The Elle Korea edition also comes with a beach supplement which you can see here. So far Daria has five Elle covers this year, all from the same editorial, and with a couple of months of summer left I have a feeling these won't be her last!

source: elle.ru via tarsha at tFS and libro.co.kr via pietrinn at tFS

Elle Poland July 2011

By thedariafiles · June 9, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Elle sure does love their reprints but its good for fans because now we have another cover for Daria this year! Elle Poland reprinted Elle Spains May 2011 cover. I have to say I like the Polish edition more for its brighter colours. Now I don't normally do posts on reprints but seeing as how the news is sparse these days ... and also for any Polish readers out there (or for those able to get ahold of this magazine!) could you let us know if there is an interview inside or perhaps new unpublished pictures? It would be much appreciated!

Elle Poland July 2011

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Double Entendre

By thedariafiles · August 3, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

As if the cover of Elle Quebec wasn't enough, Daria will be all across Canadian newstands this fall as she covers the September issue of Elle Canada as well!

This cover is just as pretty as the Elle Quebec one, if not prettier. Daria has a ten page editorial inside, photographed by Raphael Mazzucco, and an interview as well. I do wish the photographers team had continued the colours and girlier styling to the inside editorial though.
I feel that the grunge-rock look has been played out much to much in magazines lately so it was kind of disheartening to see the same old styling with such a dynamic model. But when you're gifted with such a beautiful shot as the closeup below then there isn't much to complain about!

For reference both the Elle Quebec and Canada issues have the same pictures albeit different quotes. I'll be sure to translate the French article when I get a copy in my hands!

"I think that the Elle Quebec team and I worked really well together today. They often asked me for my point of view. It was super flattering. I could bring my own grunge touches to the photo shoot"

source: zinio.com via neverdrinkagain at tFS

Elle Quebec September 2010

By thedariafiles · August 2, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Daria covers the September issue of Elle Quebec.

I love this cover and I think Daria looks beautiful. For such a small publication Elle Quebec has managed to create a simple and striking cover. Its refreshing to see Daria styled so naturally after months of hippie and army themed editorials. Someimes all it takes is a pretty dress and the right pose (not to mention a great model) to make a striking cover.

Hopefully Daria has a long editorial (and interview!) in this issue and if it is anything like the cover then I'll have to buy more than one copy!

source: Elle Quebec facebook

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By thedariafiles · April 16, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I've been waiting for a chance to post little bits of news and it keeps building up. So here is one big post that can keep you satisfied for the weekend - two editorials, three covers and a new beauty ad. Not bad for one week Daria ...

In keeping up this blog of Daria, I've started to notice a few things. One: magazines really love to use Daria on their inaugural issues (see The Last Magazine). And two: creativity can always be sacrificed (in the form of a reprint) when the question of Daria or no Daria arises.

This time around Daria is on the inaugural cover of Industrie Magazine (below right) and the beauty supplement of May's Vogue Espana, as well as the third issue of Harper's Bazaar Espana (to the left). Vogue Belleza (below left) is a reprint from Daria's January 2004 editorial in Vogue US (Pretty Woman). Why the editorials would use a six-year old picture is beyond me ... but it does make for a pretty cover. Industrie magazine is a newly launched edition that will focus mainly on the workers and behind the scenes of the fashion industry. It looks like a reprint from Daria's Vogue Hommes editorial In Love (a two year old editorial ...) but this is a never before seen shot. Hopefully there will be some more unseen photos in the magazine! Lastly is Harper's Bazaar Espana - Daria looks beautiful on the cover, in the red and brown tones. No news of the editorial inside but hopefully this will be scanned soon!

It's been a little quiet on the Lancome front as of late but Daria is back for her fifth year as a spokes model for the French brand. This time for Slimissime 360 ... I won't bore you with the product details. This new ad will be added to the large collection of overly-photo shopped ads on the Lancome page though!

I've saved the best news for last. Daria's influence over at Vogue Paris doesn't seem to be waning - she is in two editorials in May's issue of Vogue Paris one lensed by Mario Testino the other by Ben Hasset.

Fard Fatal (Beauté)
Photographer : Ben Hassett
Fashion Editor : Julia Von Boehm
Model : Daria Werbowy

La Décadanse
Photographer : Mario Testino
Fashion Editor : Carine Roitfeld
Models : Daria Werbowy & Francesco Vezzoli

Daria has worked with Ben Hasset before so I have an idea of how this might turn out ... I'm really excited to hear of La Décadense - Testino, Daria and an Italian painter. Hopefully this combination of artist and muse will be better than his last!

image sources: Harper's Bazaar Espana Facebook page, Vogue Mexico Belleza scanned by burbuja at tFS, Lancome.fr via Megan

DOSSIER Issue Five

By thedariafiles · March 23, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I knew those photos of Daria by Cass Bird had to amount to some press. Daria is on the cover and is inside the newest issue of Dossier. And yes, just because I didn't know what it was either ... Dossier is a biannual independent magazine published for people who like their magazines with some substance. They have a really well curated site if you want to take a visit.

Daria will be in a photo editorial shot at her home by Cass Bird. We've all seen her home in previous articles, but its nice to see different perspectives, especially from a photographer like Bird. Its also great to see Daria in lesser known publications like Dossier. I've written about certain artistic freedom present with freelance photographers compared to the well knowns like Testino and Demarchelier, and I think this freedom translates to publications as well. Its not often you see such an unretouched image on covers these days, free of hair styling or unflattering makeup. Its also a great testament to the fact that a smaller publication can make Daria look the most young and beautiful she's looked in a while.

Also, I just read up on some interesting information. Fashionologie recently posted a piece on Marc Jacob's Fall 2010 collection for Louis Vuitton. If you remember it was the collection heralding a comeback of sorts of the "womanly" model. In Marc's words: “I believe that these iconic, larger-than-life women are very Vuitton-like . . . This season we talked about it and we decided the criteria was, they have to be available on the day of the show and they have to be gorgeous,"  ... We wanted Daria [Werbowy], but she was booked for a shoot.'" It's interesting to hear his take on a new modeling phenomena. Seeing Daria on the Vuitton catwalk would have been great, in all of the Bardot inspired dresses. But at least we know there is a new shoot to come from this!

A new/old candid of Daria from the Viktor and Rolf fragrance anniversary party

image sources: dossiermagazine.com, icanteachyouhowtodoit.com

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