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The Daria Files - News & Updates

By thedariafiles · August 19, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

March 18 2013 - Cass x Daria
Looks like Daria and Cass are hanging out again! This time we don't get an editorial from the two but rather a few Instagram pics. Enjoy the candidness below ... and I didn't think Daria could be anymore awesome but then she went and wore red leather pants. Happy Monday everyone!

source: cassblackbird instagram

March 16 2013 - Lancome Colour Design "Star Eyes" Palette
I have another Lancome ad to share with you today! It seems we always get these all at once ... not complaning though! This is another ad for the Lancome Colour Design palettes. There are 12 palettes altogether divided into three groups - "Drama Eyes" (from the March 10 post below), "Doll Eyes" and the one below, "Star Eyes". I've added them all to the Lancome 2013 page for you to check out! 

Daria is also on the Lancome home page, seeing as these palettes officially launch mid-March (aka right now!). If you're interested in all of the actual palettes then you can check out the Lancome site by clicking on the image below.

credit: Thanks child_in_time @ bellazon.com (Harper's Bazaar US April 2013)!

March 12 2013 - Lancome Genifique Eye Light Pearl
It looks like another Lancome ad flew under our radar! I stumbled upon a promotional picture for one of Lancome's serums and was 99.9% sure the eyes in the ad were Daria's ...

I held off posting until I found the video spot to accompany the ad and yep it's her! Daria fronts the campaign, for what I'm assuming is the 2012 year, for the Lancome Genifique Eye Light Pearl. Although this product was released as far back as September in Australia it seems like Lancome is really pushing it forward this year. Hopefully you'll see it in print, and enjoy the few seconds or so of Daria in the commercial! Oh, and she's even on the packaging

Lancome Genifique Eye Light Pearl print advertisements:

Lancome Genifique Eye Light Pearl TV advert:
<iframe width="400" height="225" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/_6u0k8Z-W84?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

March 10 2013 - Lancome Hypnose Drama Eyes
Hey guys! Long time no post! Unfortunately something with my website is preventing me from making new posts so even though I've been trying to update the site in a few weeks I haven't been able to! So I guess a compromise is best - I'll just keep this one post updated (with dates) and place all the Daria news here!

We finally have a new Lancome ad! I was actually flipping through magazines at my bookstore today to see if there were any new images for the spring season. I was out of luck but fortunately single_lady at the bellazon.com forums found this! This is for Lancome's Hypnose Drama Eyes palette and mascara.

source: single_lady @ bellazon.com

August 19 2012 - Vogue Paris September 2012
Its been almost half a year since we've seen Daria on the cover of Vogue Paris (a very long intermission for anyone who keeps track) but editrice Emmanuelle Alt has placed Daria, along with her other favourites Lara Stone and Kate Moss, on the cover of the September issue.

Vogue Paris September 2012

The covers, photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, feature all three models in the same garments and setting and succeed in highlighting all three models' distinct features. For Daria ... I can't get enough of those eyes.

It seems like this trio is a favourite for photographers these days - perhaps a new version of the nineties Trinity of Linda, Christy and Naomi? They've all been photographed by Bruce Weber in that great July 2008 issue of W. But even I'll admit that they have a long way to go before reaching the status of their predeccessors.

How to Look Good Naked

By thedariafiles · June 20, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Its been a while but the editorial in the first issue of Industrie has been scanned, a beautiful story of Lara Stone and Daria photographed by Patrick Demarchelier

How To Look Good Naked
Industrie Magazine Issue 1
Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone by Patrick Demarchelier

</p> <p>

The editorial, a kind of recall to the late supermodel days, is a beautifully photographed spread by Patrick Demarchlier, King of black and white beach shoots. The idea isn't original but Daria and Lara are phenomenal. Especially in this first photo below of Daria with the cigarette ... I swear she is the only model who could ever turn me onto smoking again. The photo is quintessential Daria. There is something more "rough around the edges" with these photos that I felt previous editorials were lacking. The entire editorial, and Demarchelie'rs interview, is calling for another comeback of the "supermodel" and you can see definite singular characteristics in each girls' photos.

What I find a bit lacking though, is that in all the mention of the loss of the big name models and a certain celebrity to these beauties there is hardly a quote or sentence from Lara and Daria. I find it hypocritical of Industrie to lament on the lack of household names these days but then forgoe any type of view from the models themselves. To publish such a stunning editorial on the supposed top models but then leave out any mention of Daria or Lara, save for a title page shout-out is quite disheartening. Its the confusion like this that I think is really preventing any models these days from becoming public names.

I think we all know by now that Daria is not one for the voluntary supermodel status but its interesting to see the conflicting views that editors take in the game as well. Its one thing to complain about the lack of support for models but then to do nothing to curb the problem is another. Despite this confusion, in the end it looks like the wait for these scans has been appeased with such beautiful images. Not to be overly fanatic but that second image ... I would find a place on my wall for it if I could!

source: scanned by franchini at theFashionSpot.com

How To Look Good Naked ... A Preview

By thedariafiles · May 28, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

A preview video of the newest issue of Industrie Magazine was posted and we finally have our first, albeit grainy, shots of Daria's editorial. The photographer is Patrick Demarchelier, master of the black and white beach shoot, and Daria is photographed along with Lara (although dissapointingly they have no shots together).

How To Look Good Naked
Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone by Patrick Demarchelier

Lindbergh really knows how to take beautiful black and white portraits. Some of these shots are quite reminiscent of Daria's In Love editorial. I'm really excited to see this in a better quality when I am sure there will be even more of a story to read into.

Click to see more previews and a video ...

H&M Ultimate Summer 2010

By thedariafiles · May 7, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

It's an H&M kind of day today ... the full campaign for Summer 2010 has been released and a new H&M video as well as a behind the scenes look .Now iwe have the full campaign for H&M's Ultimate Summer collection. You can see the facebook album for all of the images. Its great to see such a beautiful and colourful campaign right before summer time. All of the models look great

H&M Ultimate Summer Collection | Erin, Julia, Daria, Lara and Sasha

Click to see more pictures and three videos ...

Down Time in Saint-Barth

By thedariafiles · February 3, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

If you are anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere then I warn you to keep reading at your own risk. I gazed out at the snow in my front yard while reading this and a sudden wave of the winter blues came my way. But no worry - there is good news out of these candids! Erin Wasson and Daria Werbowy were in St Barths shooting the latest H&M ad campaign.

Its obvious the amount of extraneous work that had to go into making these photos. Sometimes I feel so poorly for models in these situations ... All jokes aside its great to see that Daria with another campaign, no less than with Julia Stegner, Sasha Pivovarova and Erin Wasson (and is that Lara Stone that I see?).  After all, Daria did shoot seven campaigns in the past few months and anybody would need a little R&R. A rumor was floating around that Daria nabbed H&M but that was later debunked with news that Sasha Pivovarova was shooting for the brand. Its great to see that proved wrong and its also great to see Daria hanging out with Erin and Julia, two model friends - it's like 2005 all over again! I'm always pleased with H&M campaigns but even more so for the campaign videos so this is fairly exciting news.

There are more images at rexfeatures but unfortunately I don't have an account, however there are tagged images in the gallery below. A special thanks to  the heads up from Rrose Sélavy (I hope you see the reference) who runs the outstanding frejabeha.blogspot.com blog on model Freja Beha Erichsen. If you have some time to spare definitely read some of her posts - she has a very sharp wit!

On another note, the editorial in Love magazine is said to be 40 pages, 5 pages dedicated to each model and the magazine should be out on newsstands soon enough!

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